Bot Stats


Command Size - 60

Slash Command Size - 21

Operating System - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


ban - bans members

kick - kicks people

roleadd - give roles to users

roleremove - remove roles to users


bal - shows your balance

beg - beg for YBCs

daily - Get your daily YBCs

deposit - deposits YMCs to the bank

donate - donate your YBCs to someone else

hire - get a job

rich - Currency Leaderboard first q0

withdraw - withdraw money

work - work

akinator - Akinator

coinflip - flips a coin

embed - Resends a message from you as an Embed

fasttyper - typer game

gtn - guess the number game

image - displays an image searched from the web

mcserver - Display stats bout teh server you asked for

meme - sends a meme

profilepic - gets the profile pic of the person asked

say - Resends your Text

snake - snake game

sudo - makes a webhook of the defined user

weather - Shows the weather of a country

screenie - Take a screenshot of a website

betrayal - Play betrayal with your buds

chess - Play chess with your buds

fishing - Play fishing with your buds

poker - Play poker with your buds NOTE:This only works if you are 18+

youtube - Play youtube with your buds

botinfo - Shows stats of bot

help - help command for text commands

invitelink - sends the invitelink of the bot

neofetch - Shows Information About The Bot's Hardware

ping - Gives you information on how fast the Bot can respond to you

privacy - Privacy Policy

roleinfo - Shows Information About a Role

serverinfo - shows an in-depth result of the server

support - Sends support server link

uptime - Returns the duration on how long the Bot is online

clearqueue - Clears The Queue

join - Joins a voice channel

leave - Leaves a voice channel

pause - Pauses the song

play - plays music

previous - Plays the previous song

queue - Shows the current queue

resume - Resumes the song

skip - skips a song

stop - Stops The Music Player

sys-eval - OWNER

eval - Evals code

pull - pulls the latest version of this code from github

restart - restarts bot

servers - lists the guild names of all the guilds the bot is in

leaderboard - Shows the leaderboard

rank - Shows the rank of the user

Slash Commands

botinfo - Shows Bot Info

buttonroles - Button Roles

changeprefix - Changes The Prefix

clear - Mass Clear Messages

gun - Gun

help - Shows All Message Commands

inventory - Inventory

mask - mask

mute - Mute

pray - pray

prefix - Reminder of what the prefix is

profilepic - Sends photo of profile pic

rifle - rifle

robert - robert

saveone - Save One

store - Store

unmute - unmute

userinfo - Shows Information Of A Member In The Server

vr - VR

webserverstatus - Shows Status of

whodidthis - Who did this